iGNiS Glass Studio

iGNiS Glass Studio has a brand-new studio and gallery. Now located at 401 Broad Street in the heart of Chattanooga’s tourism district, iGNiS offers the unique art of glassblowing to the public. Guests can create their one-of-a-kind work of art by choosing their own color combination from over 20 available colors.
Chris Mosey, owner of iGNiS Glass and master glassblower embraces this interactive method of producing art. Whether working one-on-one with a client, or “becoming part of the group”, Mosey ensures the experience of glassblowing is not only memorable, but fun.
During this hands-on experience, guests assist the glassblower in blowing a glass ornament or sphere. A heated blow pipe is used to collect the liquid glass from a 2350-degree furnace. Then the fiery ball of glass is rolled in frit, or crushed colored glass, in any combination of color and pattern.
People travel from all over for this experience, and many have made an annual tradition of blowing their own glass to celebration of the holidays, anniversaries and birthdays.
Glassblowing appointments are available throughout the year and are perfect for individuals, families, groups or parties. For more information call 423.265.2565 or click

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31 Jul 2017